Title: CVRS Annual Construction Contest 2018
Calendar: Club Meeting Events
Date: 08/03/18 20:00 - 22:00

Club HQ in Eltham



Get the soldering iron out!
Anything electronic or amateur radio related is acceptable, including antennas and we always appreciate good mechanical design as well as electronic design. The guidelines below are the same as those used for the past two years.
There will be four sections; Beginner, General, Professional and Not Judged. The exhibitor can choose which section but the judges have the right to put the item into a different section if they believe it is in the wrong section.
Beginner: Is for those who have never built anything before or have only just started on the building side.
General: Is for most people.
Professional: Is for those who have built equipment as part of their job.
Not Judged: Is for those who just wish to show an item and not enter the contest.
A team of three – Dave G3RGS, Trevor M1TAD and Steve G3ZPS - will judge each section on a number of parameters and will arrive at a winner, runner up and as many ‘highly commended’ as they see fit. They will then decide which of the three winners of the three judged sections is awarded the Reigate Cup and the decision of the three judges in every case is final.