The weekend 6-8 January 2017 was KW weekend, marking the anniversary of the founding in the mid 1950s of KW Electronics in Dartford by Rowley Shears, G8KW. For many years, KW equipment was used by very many British radio amateurs. Perhaps the most famous piece of kit was the iconic KW2000B transceiver.
Many KW receivers, transmitters, transceivers and ancillary equipment are still in regular use today, having been lovingly restored by their owners. They make a special effort to get on the air using KW equipment on this anniversary weekend.

CVRS members Guy G0UKN, Lawrie G4FAA and Steve G3ZPS put on a very impressive display of KW gear, much of which was used on air. The main band proved to be 80m, using a KW2000B and KW1000 linear. On 40m the rig was a KW2000A, and on 20m we used separates - KW77 receiver and KW Viceroy, with KW1000 amplifier running about 350watts.
GB2KW was also active from near Inverness, organised by Chris GM3WOJ. Richard Shears who now holds the callsign of his father Rowley, G8KW, made contact on 40m with GB2KW from the GB8KW station on Saturday.
Kevin M0KSJ put together a static display of archive material from G4FAA, G8GKC, G3GJW and Dartford Central Library.
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Book coverCVRS celebrated its seventieth anniversary throughout the month of October 2016, and club President Bob Treacher M0MCV has written a history of the club which is available for purchase now. View the synopsis and ordering information here.



When it was formed in 1946, membership of the club was confined to licensed radio amateurs but listeners were soon welcomed and by 1977 CVRS was a thriving club with 149 members. Many will recall the M2000A special event station to celebrate the Millennium, and our success celebrating the London Olympic and Paralympic Games with the special event callsign 2O12L. Now, membership is steady at a little over 100 members

Activities organised for October 2016 included:

  • A talk about the Society in the 1940s and 1950s
  • An Anniversary party for members past and present. Guests of Honour were Nick Henwood G3RWF, President of the Radio Society of Great Britain, and Clive Efford, the local Member of Parliament
  • A special Anniversary callsign GB70CV and activation of GX1RCV and GX3RCV
  • A ’Platinum’ award scheme for contacting members

Special 70th anniversary goods are available to purchase (order form). We are also taking orders for the commemorative memory stick containing 70 years of archive material, a total of over 65Gb of data.



Presentation on Wire Antennas
by Guy G0UKN
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Presentation on the History of the Avo
by Guy G0UKN
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Presentation on the basics of DF Hunting
by Guy G0UKN

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Cray Valley Push The Boat Out

Kevin M0KSJ gives his account of the visit to Redsands Visit on June 27th 2009

Kevin M0KSJ gives his account of the operation of GB6MW at Meopham Windmill 12th/13th May 2012.

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Cray Valley Radio Society was responsible for all aspects of the 2O12L station which marked the 2012 London Olympics. A first-class station was assembled and operated for a total of 46 days, covering the Olympic Games and Paralympics. 69,664 QSOs were made, a world record for a Special Event Station. Our QSL Manager Frank, G4WNF has been kept busy replying to all QSL requests. See for a full account of the station, and a selection of pictures of this very special station.


This article is copyright © of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and was originally published in their magazine, RadCom, 11/2009. It is reproduced here with their kind permission. For more information about the RSGB please visit
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